Dungeness Crab

Catalogue Number: SF600-3000

Dungeness Crab - Metacarcinus magister (formerly Cancer magister) A species of crab that inhabits West Coast eelgrass beds and water bottoms from Alaska’s Aleutian Islands down the coast of Britsh Columbia and Pacfic Northwest Coast.

This superior shellfish has a distinctive sweet flavour, bright orange shell color when cooked, and tender, flaky white meat. In terms of taste, many seafood lovers believe it is second only to Alaskan King Crab.

It's (former) binomial name, Cancer magister, simply means “master crab” in Latin.

Our Dungeness Crab is harvested from the pure waters of the North Pacific and averages 2 pounds up (~1kg)!

Available almost Year Round.

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Product Formats

  • Live
    Where appropriate. Shipped oxygenated 40 to 50lbs NW (18.2-22.7kg) Styros.
  • Whole Cooked ,Frozen
    Fresh Cooked, Quick Frozen. Shipped 40lb (18.2kg) NW case.
  • IQF Frozen Sections
    Fresh Cooked, IQF Quick Frozen. Shipped 40lb (18.2kg) NW case.
  • Fresh Cooked Picked Meat -Frozen
    5.0lb (2.27kg) Food Service container; shipped 4 x 5.0lb (2.27kg) NW Master Case.

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