Pacific Northwest Seafood - Crab, Shellfish, Shrimp and Prawn

Alaskan King Crab - Golden (Brown)

Alaska King Crab, Golden (Brown) - Lithodes aequispinus

Smaller than red and blue king crabs, Golden King Crab average 5–8 lb (2–4 kg) and have a slightly lower percentage of meat fill.


The flavour and texture is similar to red and blue king crab, though the taste is described as somewhat sweeter.

Alaskan King Crab - Red

Alaska King Crab, Red - Paralithodes camtschaticus The largest and King of crabs, Ave. 6-9lb (2.73-4.1kg). Alaska King Crab is unmatched for it's sweet flavour and rich, tender texture. We are pleased to source only authentic King Crab from sustainable Alaskan fisheries. The native marine environment of this species creates it's renowned culinary reputation.

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab - Metacarcinus magister (formerly Cancer magister), is a species of crab that inhabits West Coast eelgrass beds and water bottoms from Alaska’s Aleutian Islands down Britsh Columbia and Pacfic Northwest Coast. Considered by many seafood lovers second only to King Crab for flavour and taste.

Mussels - Pacific

Saltspring Island MusselsTM are the result of many years of breeding the choicest varieties of Mytilus blue mussels (Mediterranean mussel - Mytilus galloprovincilis and the Atlantic Blue mussel –Mytilus edulis). These varietal hybrids have improved our sweetness and plumpness beyond expectations. Our mussels are defined by a very high glycogen content and omega 3 levels approaching those of salmon.

Oysters - Pacific

Pacific Oysters - Crassostrea gigas
Kumamoto Oysters - Crassostrea sikamea
Olympia Oysters - Otsrea lurida, conchapila
Sushi Name(s) Kaki
Oregon, Pacific Northwest, USA

Pacific Geoduck (King Clam)

Pacific Geoduck (King Clam); Panopea generosa

Sushi Name(s) Mirugai

Native to the northwest coast of the United States and west coast of Canada (primarily Washington State and British Columbia), these marine bivalve mollusks are the largest burrowing clams in the world. The large, meaty siphon is prized for it's savory flavor and crunchy texture.

Shellfish, Other Pacific

Ocean caught or cultured in certified sustainable fisheries, we source specific shellfish species or varieties on request.
Please inquire.

Wild Pacific Prawns - Spot Prawns

A prawn known Internationally for it's sweet, delicate flavour and firm texture. Highly prized by Japanese and Asian markets as a delicacy, they are the largest of the seven commercial species of shrimp found on the Pacific West Coast. The Spot Prawn Fishery is considered one of the most sustainable Prawn fisheries in the world. The Spot Prawn is ranked in the top 10 of the ~100 species of Prawns for both taste and size. They are plump and sweet, like a small lobster.

Wild Pacific Shrimp - King, Side Stripe (SS)

Wild Pacific Shrimp species are fished  in the cold, pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia, Canada and Alaska. While the fishery includes seven species, we currently list two of the most common;

Humphack or King Shrimp - Pandalus hypsinotus

Side Stripe - Pandalopsis dispar